Sunday, November 6, 2011

October Fun!

October was a fun-filled month! We still managed to have some fun even though we are both so busy with school. We did a lot of fun things with family, friends, neighbors and even just the two of us!

Rob had a birthday on the 16th and turned 24! His birthday was on Sunday so we partied Friday, Saturday, and (kinda) on Sunday! On Friday we went to dinner and the Haunted Forrest with our friends Preston and Lane, and Rob's sister Andrea and their cousin Allison (and their dates of course). Unfortunately I didn't have my camera to get any pictures, and I don't know how to get pictures off Facebook anymore so I don't have any pictures to show for that fun night.
But on Saturday we went to Tucanos with Rob's family and made haunted gingerbread houses with a couple in our ward, it was a lot of fun! And who knew they made haunted gingerbread kits? Not me!

Then on Sunday, we had a little get together at our house with family and some of Rob's closest friends. Rob really wanted a Cold Stone cake, so instead of being a good wife and making him a cake, I went and bought one!

One day we took a nice drive up squaw peak to see the pretty trees! It is so pretty up the canyon this time of year. I only have the pictures I took on my phone so you can't really see the colors but it was beautiful!

We also went four wheeling up squaw peak and it was FREEZING! I really need to figure out how to get pictures of Facebook or start bringing my own camera because we got some funny pictures of us. I was wearing like a full on camo bodysuit by time we were done. But hey it kept me warm!

We painted pumpkins with our friends Toni and Abbey...

And finally, it was Halloween! As usual, we threw our costumes together the day of so they are nothing too fancy. I had to dress up for school because those 1st graders would have been mad at me if I didn't dress up. So we went to Smiths at 11:50 on Saturday night to buy a witch hat and broom stick (that broke as I was opening it). Rob went and dug through his mom's Halloween closet and grabbed a ghost dress that was really a shirt on him. We went to Rob's parents first and saw the kiddies and had pigs in a blanket, then we headed over to my parents for some clam chowder (I ate at my mom's and he ate at his mom's), and some tricker treating with the little ones. We ended that night at the Richard's (Rob's friend) for a doughnut party! It was a good night!

obviously no one was into having their picture taken..