Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Thursday morning, Valentines Day, my sister called me and asked if I wanted to go to St. George that night.  Sure enough, that night my mom, 2 sisters, and I piled in the car and drove to St. George. A girls trip was definitely needed. When the four of us get together it is non-stop laughter and that was what the weekend consisted of, laughter. I am so grateful to have these ladies in my life, they are my best friends and greatest examples.

My mom wanted to check out the Parade of Homes so that was our first stop. I have always enjoyed looking at million dollar homes I will never be able to afford, not sure why, but I do. So we had lot's of fun dreaming and picking up decorating ideas as we went along.

The rest of the day consisted of shopping and eating. We got bored waiting for mom to try on her clothes at Coldwater Creek so we started taking pictures and it evolved into these lovely mirror shots.

My sister in law introduced me to Swig on our way to Vegas and I definitely made it a priority to go back.  Swig is a little shack that is famous for their drinks. My mom and I were loving the Dirty Diet Cokes.  Diet Coke + coconut = deliciousness.

After just our first day of shoppings this is how jammed the car was. We had our luggage in there too. We couldn't fit it all in the trunk, so the rest ended up on Mogan and Melissa's laps.

Checking into the hotel, the wrong hotel in fact. Moving in or staying for one night? Oh just a one night stay. We had to pile all that junk back in and go to the right hotel. 

Saturday we went to the temple which was lovely. Then went back to the Parade of Homes, but it was so busy and the houses were packed so we decided we had seen enough. We continued shopping and  got our toes and nails done. I had been on the hunt for a good lip stain and I found one at Ulta for a steal of a deal. It was on clearance for 3 dollars so of course I had to buy a couple. I am loving it because it doesn't smear off and it stays on forever!

Thanks for the great trip ladies!!!

Monday, February 11, 2013

Vegas Weekend

Last weekend Rob and I decided last minute to go down to Las Vegas. We basically invited ourselves, but I am glad we did. Andrea, Tom, Allison, and Annalise we planning on making the trek to Vegas to vist Ashley and Spencer (Robs cousin and her husband) and that sounded fun to us so we suggested that we join, they needed responsible chaperones, right? ;)

We got there Friday night and Ashley was throwing a Valentines Party for their friends that night. We had fun playing games, eating junk, getting our Just Dance on, and getting to know some new people.

Saturday we literally shopped till' we dropped. Normally this would be right up my alley but after the first few hours my feet, back, legs etc were hurting too bad to really enjoy the experience. We walked the strip and saw the Bellagio fountain show, saw the atrium at the Bellagio, and got my most favorite treat, Frozen Hot Chocolate from Serendipity's.

I had been really wanting see a show in Vegas so on Saturday night Rob took me to see Le Reve at the Wynn. It was AMAZING! The whole time I was thinking how do these people do that?? It's a water show, so the middle of the theater is a round pool and the performers would be in and out of the water. Definitely a must see. 

(Horrible picture, but it's the best the iphone could do)

Sunday after church we drove to the Hoover Dam. It was huge and really cool to see! 

It was a great weekend getaway! Just what we needed. If only there were a beach in Vegas....