Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Back at it.

I have a very temperamental relationship with blogging. One month I am into it, the next I am over it. Right now I decided to be into it. Most likely it's just the bordem kicking in. I am in an awkward time frame until the babes comes the beginning of April. 2 1/2 months is too short to try to get a job (oh wait, tried that and failed) but too long to be a full-time nester. Hence, the blogging again.

Today's Thoughts: Pregnancy at 30 Weeks!! (Not the whole 9 Months)

The pros:
- At the end of it I will have a sweet baby girl that I love so dearly already.
- Easy small talk topic with acquaintances.
- Getting to by cute baby clothes.
- Decorating a nursery.
- I get to justify my treat addiction and blame it on a "craving."
- Free entertainment watching my belly move and make all sorts of contortions.
- Only 2 more months (about) until we get to meet her.

And the not so pros:
- Can't sleep at night; too hot, uncomfortable, full bladder etc.
- I constantly feel like I am a little hungry.
- My scale doesn't seem to be working right ;)
- Maternity clothes - especially pants.
- People stare at my belly every time I am in public.
- I have to fully prepare to sneeze so that I won't pee my pants.
- Putting on shoes is a total hassle, especially boots.
- I am so out of shape that I can't even finish a 10 min pregnant Pilates video.
- Anything "fun" seems to be off-limits.

Just a few that came to mind, I am sure I will think of plenty more as soon as I am done. :)