Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Lyla's Nursery

Once I found out we were having a girl I started thinking about how I wanted to decorate her nursery. Of course I turned to Pinterest for ideas and color schemes. At first I loved the really elegant and all white nurseries. Then I decided that might be a little hard to pull off and it's not totally my style. After a little more searching I found a nursery that I wanted to use as my inspiration. The main thing I loved was the color scheme, white, coral, and aqua. I also fell in love with the focal wall and knew I had to recreate it somehow. I bought a stencil off Etsy and put Rob to work. ;) I am partly kidding. We both started off painting and painted the rest of the room a really pale pink. Once we got to the stencil part, i started off helping and got about half way, then the beautiful pregnancy symptoms (backache, nausea from the paint, heatstroke, etc) hit me. So my wonderful husband finished it for me! When he got done he instantly said "this babes better be a girl." He is not about to repaint that wall anytime soon... I LOVE the way it all came together and as much work as it was to paint that wall, it was so worth it! So here it is!! (Not that I think too many people will really care, but just incase you are curious I will give a brief rundown of where we got things)

*Frames - Target and I painted them blue
*Crib - Amazon I think it is called the DaVinvi Jayden crib

*Chair - Down to Earth

*Bedding - Serena and Lily (Punch Basics)

*Dresser - My mom and dad ( it was brown but we spray painted it white)

*Pom poms - I made these out of styrofoam balls and fabric ( cut tons of little circles, fold in fourths, and pin)

 *Blanket - My mom's crochet work at it's finest. 

*Curtains & Bookshelf - IKEA
*Rug - Target

After baby Lyla arrives I plan to get some newborn pictures taken and make a gallery wall above the dresser. I will move the pom pom balls into the corner left of the bookshelf. I also haven't decided what else to put on top of the bookshelf. I am thinking maybe some letter blocks with her name or something like that!

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Baby Shower Love

The last two weeks I have had my two baby showers! They were both wonderful and lots of fun. We definitely got spoiled with tons of great baby gifts! Thanks to my mom and sisters for hosting the first one and making it so special. These girls put a lot of work into making it such a great event. We did a children's book theme and it was so much fun! Being an Elementary Ed major I grew to love all types of children's books, and I learned how important and beneficial they are for young children. Ever since my Children's Literature class at BYU I have been determined to always read to my kids and help them develop a love for books and reading. There are so many children's books that have such great messages and lessons. Anyway, I mentioned the idea to my sisters about a book theme for the shower and they made it happen! I LOVED getting all the books and Baby L now has a full bookcase. :)

Isn't that diaper cake my sister made so cute?

 The hosts :) 

Handmade baby blanket from Grandma Teri! 

My friends Hailey and Jordynn also threw me a wonderful shower! It was so nice of them and I am grateful for such great friends! Unfortunately I didn't get too many pictures at this one, but it was a lot of fun, and I got tons of cute things!

We have the same due date! 
(Don't mind the fact that I am twice her size..)

The hosts :) 

Thanks again to all those who came and especially to those who helped make them happen!!