Friday, February 7, 2014

Blogging + Lyla update

For the last little while I have kept thinking "oh I should write on my blog," and my next thought is "why?"So I thought about why I should blog. No, I don't aspire to be a famous "mommy blogger," nor do I particularly care to share every aspect of my personal life with the world, but I do care that I have some form of documentation of what went on my life with my husband, and sweet little Lyla. I love looking back at what few posts that I do have and remembering those memories and feelings at different times in my life. Now that I am a mother I feel a responsibility to record and document the life of Lyla so that one day she will be able to look back at her childhood and know how much her mom and dad loved her. Do I live a very eventful life? Not really. Would I change anything about my life currently? No. I am doing exactly what I want to be doing with my life and what I have always dreamed of; being a wife and a mother. What I hope to document are glances into our simple everyday life, which on some days, like today, consist of hardly leaving the house. So this is my vow to be better at blogging. Anyway, these are my thoughts about blogging. I hope that one day my children will be grateful for my pathetic  attempt to blog and document their lives, as well as my own.

Also, since I have not blogged since Lyla was born 10 months ago I thought I should do a little update on her. Lyla is so full of life. She loves to explore, and "find treasures" as we call it. Her favorite toys are anything in cupboards, drawers, and closets. She finds a treasure, walks around with it for a minute, drops it and is off to find another treasure. More often than not she is finding something that she should not be playing with. I feel bad constantly taking things away from her and closing doors on her as she tries to play in the toilet or pull things out of the trash, but I don't have a better option. She does not like if I am out of sight, in fact she gets stressed and hurries to try to find me. Even if she is playing in the family room right by the kitchen and I get up to go into the kitchen, she drops her toys and follows me. Part of me secretly loves that she wants to be by me and wants to do what I am doing, but the other part of me wishes she could just play with her toys for a little bit while I cook dinner, or switch the laundry. Although I do not like to take my eyes off her for very long because she usually is finding something to eat that she shouldn't or getting into something she shouldn't. Lyla is a complete busy body! The girl does not stop moving, in fact sometimes I catch her just walking in circles because she has to be moving but doesn't know what to do. Most of all, Lyla is happy. She giggles and smiles all day long. Her smile is contagious and I can't help but smile every time I see her smile. Same with her little giggle. I love watching her personality develop more and more each day. Yesterday while I was feeding her she kept vibrating her lips so the food would splat everywhere and then burst with laughter. Although I was little bugged I was covered in splattered baby food I couldn't help but laugh at how funny she thought she was! I love that she picks up anything that slightly resembles a phone and holds it up to her ear as if she is talking on the phone. Anytime you say "hello" to her she puts her hand up to her ear like a phone. She is a very good sleeper at night, but a not so great napper. In fact today I rocked her for 45 minutes just so that she would get somewhat of a nap. I secretly loved being able to cuddle her because she NEVER lets me hold her or cuddle. She is teething, hence the rough nap. But more often than not her naps a somewhat of a battle. At night she goes straight to bed, no problem and sleeps a straight 12-13 hours. Lyla brings so much joy, laughter, and love into our home. As well as a lot of messes!! I wouldn't have it any other way though. I love that that she is constantly learning, exploring, and discovering! I am also loving her open mouth kisses! Here are just a few of the random, no purpose pictures I snap everyday.