Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day...and some other things

Somehow my Dad always seem to disappear
when the camera is out, therefore pictures of him are
few and far between.
Also, because he wasn't able to come to our
wedding I missed out on a prime photo of me and him.
But as I looked through my pictures,
I found one that shows the love he has for his
family, and he is in "mission attire"
so I figured he would approve.

(My parents with all their grandchildren minus two)

to my wonderfully talented, intelligent,
wise, loving, and hard-working Dad!
I love you!

I am so excited for my parents to come
home in two weeks!!
They have been serving a mission in
Macon, Georgia
for the last three years!
Each day I get more and more anxious.
A lot has happened in three years,
and they have missed out on a lot.
It will be good to have them home and
be able to see them whenever we want

We went to the lake for the first time this
year, and we had a blast!
There definitely were some kinks
to work out for the rest of the season.
For example we were putting the boat in the water and
the boat wouldn't turn on; dead battery.
Thankfully a guy at the lake had jumper cables on his boat.
It took about 2 hours to actually get on the lake after
we left, but once we did we had so much fun.
The water was freezing so Rob
was the only brave one to actually get in.
Unfortunately I didn't get a picture of him tearin'
it up on the surf board.
But I got some of me, Andi and Hailey on the tube.
Rob went soft so we didn't fall in and get wet.

And here is Rob with his manly look.

Even though it wasn't the warmest day,
it was still fun to get out on the Lake!

Another tangent:
We leave for Florida tomorrow with Rob's family!
It will be a fun week of hanging out at the beach!
We will probably go to a theme park and a water park
or something while we are out there, but I bet we will
be on the beach most of the time which is fine with me!
Stay tuned for pictures to come!

Happy rainy Father's Day

Saturday, June 4, 2011

In over our heads

Yard work has never been something I
totally thrill over ... and I still wouldn't say it's my favorite
thing to do. However, it's a lot more fun
when it's your own yard, (sorry mom)!
When we moved into our house the yard was a DISASTER!!
The lawn was dead, weeds were in abundance,
and several bushes were dead.
We had A LOT of work to do.
We have slowly been working on improving our yard.
We started picking weeds a couple weekends ago,
which were never-ending!!
It seriously took us like 3 hours to pick 1
flower bed between the two of us.
Today we went back at it, and decided we are in over our heads.
Neither of us know ANYTHING about gardening.
I will say that is has been fun learning about it and picking out different
plants and trees to go in our yard.
We spent several hours at Cascade Shadows today
and yesterday looking at plants.
We learned all about annuals, perennials, plants that need shade,
and ones that need sun.
Everyone we talk to tells us a different story
so that part is kind of frustrating.
We did decide to get new soil and kind of
start from the basics.
So this is a bit of a longer process than we were expecting.
We picked out a couple bushes to replace the dead ones
in the front yard.
Now we have to decide want we want for side and
back yard, because its nothing but dirt.
I also bought some pots, and took them to be potted!
I am like weirdly excited to get the pots back!
The moral of the story is...
yard work is definitely hard, but I discovered I like it and
it's more fun than I thought.
I now understand why my mom always
needed help in the yard,
and why she spent so much time on it.