Saturday, June 4, 2011

In over our heads

Yard work has never been something I
totally thrill over ... and I still wouldn't say it's my favorite
thing to do. However, it's a lot more fun
when it's your own yard, (sorry mom)!
When we moved into our house the yard was a DISASTER!!
The lawn was dead, weeds were in abundance,
and several bushes were dead.
We had A LOT of work to do.
We have slowly been working on improving our yard.
We started picking weeds a couple weekends ago,
which were never-ending!!
It seriously took us like 3 hours to pick 1
flower bed between the two of us.
Today we went back at it, and decided we are in over our heads.
Neither of us know ANYTHING about gardening.
I will say that is has been fun learning about it and picking out different
plants and trees to go in our yard.
We spent several hours at Cascade Shadows today
and yesterday looking at plants.
We learned all about annuals, perennials, plants that need shade,
and ones that need sun.
Everyone we talk to tells us a different story
so that part is kind of frustrating.
We did decide to get new soil and kind of
start from the basics.
So this is a bit of a longer process than we were expecting.
We picked out a couple bushes to replace the dead ones
in the front yard.
Now we have to decide want we want for side and
back yard, because its nothing but dirt.
I also bought some pots, and took them to be potted!
I am like weirdly excited to get the pots back!
The moral of the story is...
yard work is definitely hard, but I discovered I like it and
it's more fun than I thought.
I now understand why my mom always
needed help in the yard,
and why she spent so much time on it.

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  1. haha, this is great! I remember talking about yards with you and im sure it looks great!