Thursday, May 26, 2011


Yesterday as I was driving home from school I had a cool experience.
I was stopped at a light and right next to me was a
lady standing there holding a sign.
Immediately I had my usual reaction to
homeless people holding signs on the street.
Now, my opinion and attitude towards homeless people
asking for money is probably too harsh.
I always have had a kind of heartless attitude
towards homeless people.
I know that sounds HORRIBLE,
but its because of their own decisions that
they are in that position.
So if they really wanted money for other reasons than
drug addictions, they would get A JOB!!
Obviously situations are different for every homeless person
but in general I am not too sympathetic.
Anyway, back to my story...
I was trying not to look at the lady because
then it just becomes awkward, but I wanted to read her sign.
She had an unusual set-up because she had a stroller,
baby food, and other random objects all laid out.
One sign said
"Desperate mother of three. Rent is due, I am willing
to any odd jobs available."
Then her other sign said,
"Will trade any of these things for money."
I sat there staring for a little bit,
then the next thing I know I was rolling down my window
to hand her some money.
It wasn't much but she was so appreciative and for
some reason I felt like she was really sincere.
The light turned and I drove away.
I got thinking, first of all about how blessed I am.
And secondly, about how small of an action that
was and how good it made me feel.
I am not saying this to toot my own horn in anyway,
but mostly because I had been praying for opportunities to serve those
around me, and sure enough, there was my opportunity.
I hope there are many more to come!

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  1. That's so sweet Tawni! I know, it's hard to give money to homeless people because there's so many of them and you don't know their circumstance, but it feels so good to help out when you do!!!