Thursday, May 5, 2011

Carl Bloch

For my art class we have to write an art criticism paper
and my teacher assigned it early so that we could go to the Carl Bloch
exhibit at BYU if we wanted, since it ends on Saturday.
I hadn't been to it yet and had heard so much hype about it,
so I was excited to see what it was all about.
I got there and they told me they weren't
handing out standby tickets because it was too crowded so
I would have to wait an hour.
So I thought to myself
"is it worth it? I could just find a painting downstairs and be done
by the time I would even get to go in."
But because I knew this was a rare opportunity, I waited patiently.
And boy it was worth it.
Holy cow he is AMAZING.
Now I am not some art guru that stares at paintings forever
"appreciating their beauty,"
but I actually did that.
It helps that they were all pictures of the Savior and
had such meaningful and beautiful messages.
I couldn't couldn't help but sit and stare at a couple paintings.
They were all pictures that I had seen somewhere
or that looked familiar but I didn't realize they were all the same artist.

Here are some of my favorites...

This is when Christ heals the sick at the Pool of Bethesda.
This picture has many messages, but
one that stood out to me was how we have to come to Christ for help
and healing, not seek for help from the world.
Notice they guy in the red hat?
The one who heals all is standing right by him, yet he seeks
worldly help.

Christ invites us all to be like children.

I love that the Savior is the light peeking in through the door,
at that time of sorrow. He is the light of the world.

This painting really stood out to me, and this is the one I ended up
writing my paper on. Christ with outstretched arms says a million words.
I had a really strong impression of the Savior's love for me and
for all of us. The people surrounding Him are faced with all sorts
of tribulations and imperfections.
Yet, he is there to offer comfort, heal the sick,
and forgive the sinners.
The Savior said "come unto me."

"God helps me, that is what I think and then I am calm."
- Carl Bloch-

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  1. Nice post Tawni, I enjoyed the pictures and your thoughts and feelings. Love and miss you. XOXO