Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Today was the last day of classes which is a relief but also sad.
Sad? When have I ever been sad that a semester is over?
Never. Although this semester was different,
I actually enjoyed it!
I made new friends,
I enjoyed learning what I was learning,
I loved my classes,
the workload was bearable
and on and on.

Mostly why I enjoyed this semester so much
was because of the people I met and the teachers that impacted my life greatly.
Also because it excited me for what I want to do; to teach.

This semester was one of many firsts:
I wrote my first children's book,
I was in my first play,
(This is my drama class that performed "Bartholomew and the Oobleck ")

I wrote my first lesson plan... and a million more.
I got my first A on a math test.
I recorded my first singing album,
(ok not really, I just had to record myself singing for music which wasn't pretty).
I wrote my first song and made it into a book,
It was my first semester that I got an A on majority of my tests minus math.
I taught PE in an elementary school for the first time
I was called Mrs. Brinton for the first time,
(really just Mrs. B by my PE students)
and you get the point....

This is a picture of some of my dear friends I made this semester.
we went to get ice cream at Macey's for Juliets b-day.

Anyway, I really enjoyed this semester and am sad it's over,
but it will be good to move on.

p.s. as you can tell this is mostly a Tawni blog that involves Robert.

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