Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Spring Cleanin'

I took my last final yesterday and had some time on my hands
so I decided to go clean out my bedroom at my parents house.
It actually was a fun activity with the help of my sister Melissa
and later Mogan stopped by to join the fun as well.
While cleaning out my closet I realized I have a problem...
I like clothes/shoes too much.
Not only did I have a full closet of clothes at my new house,
but also had a closet full at my parents house.
I also realized I am becoming more and more like my mom;
I had a harder time throwing some of that stuff away than I thought I would.
I always think "well I may need that sometime,"
or maybe I will wear that."
But Melissa kept me straight.
At the end of our cleaning I had 6 Full garbage bags of clothes and shoes.
At least I know that those clothes will go to someone who needs them more than me.
DI has some great finds now!

Not only did DI benefit from my cleaning but so did I!
I found shirts that I forgot I had, so it was like I went shopping
with out spending a dime!
I also found some funny things while I was cleaning.
I found tons of notes that my friends had written to me in Jr. high
and I can't believe the things we talked about/ cared about!
I also found some of my photography work that I did in high school photo class,
it kinda inspired me to be a photographer...
I admired all my homework/notes from high school and Jr. high
that I guess I never wanted to throw away.
And I still didn't, I could only handle so much for one day.
Among my many finds I came across this pink fuzzy photo book with
tons of pictures from back in my pageant/modeling days.
I think I took these pictures for the picture I had to send in of myself or something.
I thought they were pretty funny so I thought I would share a few...

Like Rob and I like to say..
Isn't it a blessing we clean?

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