Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A fresh start

So I used to have a blog but then I got busy and lost interest in it. I thought I would give it another shot now that I am married.

I am a horrible journal writer, so I am hoping this can be kind of like my journal which may be boring to some but at least I will have it all written down.

Here’s to a fresh start in the blogging world!


  1. Tawni Ann... I am very happy that you decided to start blogging again. Maybe now I will know what's going on in your life since you spend all your time with that husband of yours...

  2. Hi Tawni, we don't know each other but I just came across your blog and it looks fabulous, seriously don't stop, I'm a huge fan. May you be blessed with followers and comments galore.

  3. Looks good Tawni and Robert! Hopefully you will keep it up this time!(JK) Love ya both!